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  • Sopris Elementary School Vision
    Sopris Elementary School Vision
    A diverse community of engaged learners ready for the world
  • Welcome to Sopris Elementary School!
    "Sopris Elementary School is located in the beautiful town of Glenwood Springs, and we serve students in preschool through fifth grade. At Sopris, we believe together we can reach, teach, and inspire all students to excellence. We believe all students should learn through engaging, challenging, and authentic experiences. We value relationships, hard work, and diversity. Sopris Elementary students thrive in a learning environment that fosters academic, social, and emotional growth."
  • A Diverse Community of Engaged Learners Ready for the World!
    1. Increase academic rigor and growth for all students.
    2. Increase authentic learning experiences that engage students in meaningful experiences.
    3. Maintain our neighborhood school identity with a welcoming, compassionate and diverse community.
    4. Foster an inclusive, equitable, culturally respectful, and safe school for all students and their families.
    5. Enhance parent and community partnerships to ensure the success of every student.
    6. Continue the supports necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of all students and their families.