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Welcome to the Sopris Elementary PTA!

(a Colorado PTA Organization)

The Sopris Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (SES PTA) is an all-volunteer network of Sopris Elementary Students’ parents and teachers working for three goals:

1. Supporting Sopris teachers by raising extra funding for field trips and special grants requests;

2. Supporting Sopris students by offering meaningful, fun extracurricular events for blended grade levels; and

3. Supporting Sopris parents by creating networking opportunities that allow us to get to hang out socially, with our kids, and with our teachers, so that all parents can feel connected to the school, its teachers, the administration

The SES PTA follows the tradition of the former all-volunteer “Parents Involved in Education” (PIE). PIE converted to the Sopris Elementary School PTA in 2015.

We need your help to make this work. See the links on this page or email the PTA at